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alt.Full Stack Engineer

Hello, I'm James Cundle, a full stack engineer, freelance consultant and entrepreneur. My latest projects include Y-Combinator backed, Prompt and Fetch. I created Blue World Media in 1999 and have been building solutions online ever since.

- James Cundle

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Full stack engineer

I have a broad toolkit of development skills, and have specialised in the LAMP stack working with Linux, Apache, MySQL and PHP since the late 1990's.


As well as being the managing director of Blue World Media, I have also enjoyed the role of Chief Technology Officer for a number of companies, including Fetch and


I have founded and co-founded a number of start-ups over the years in a number of vertical markets, from technology to wine, from B2B to B2C and B2D.


A versatile engineer, my experience includes but is not limited to; PHP, Node.js, Linux, Shell, Perl, HTML, CSS, MySQL, RDMS, JSON, XML, API's, Redis, MongoDB, Sys. Admin, AWS, Project Management, Agile.


Extensive experience in Laravel and building bespoke frameworks, I've also worked with Symfony, Express and many others.

Modern services

Developing fast, reliable, thin-client software services over API's is a particular speciality.